Girl Talk:

     So you wanna be in the know, huh? You wanna know what Christian college girls really are talking about? Well.. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can speak for the community of girls I’m surrounded by. Just know it’s not all about being boy crazy, awing over cute puppy videos. As posted on my status, I must confess, we as ladies do spend time talking about the fellas over there will the hell’a good hair (Tswift anyone?) and  watch cute animal videos because they make us feel fuzzy inside. However, there is a lot more to our “girl talk”.

     Most nights when girls are at the Treehouse, we’re discussing redemption, snuggled up on a couch or in someone’s room (how secretive, I know!) No, not just singing about it or sipping our coffee reading what other women author’s have to say, but we discuss what it means to be redeemed and apply it daily. When a friend of mine has a terrible day or feels like they have screwed up, our conversation always returns back to the gospel, simply because our eyes are set on the hope before us. That hope? redemption in Christ.

     So, what’s said about this whole redemption thing anyways? Just as I tell my are redeemed. Nothing you have done or will do can ever set you apart from the love of Christ, so long as you have declared Him as Lord over your life. Being redeemed is a process and it doesn’t stop when you accept Christ as your Lord. Each and every day through prayer you have to remind your self that worth isn’t found in clothing, how many likes you get on Instagram, what she/he said about you, or even your grades. Your worth comes from a heavenly Father desiring to redeem you each morning by waking you up with a sweet reminder that you are His. The old has truly passed, the new has come, and you are set free.

At times, I can lose my temper, I over think the smallest things, and sometimes I feel alone.

“Carmen! Don’t say that..people are reading this who don’t even know you!”

Yeah.. I know. And I’m 100% at peace with that. Because as my “girl talk” is unleashed, vulnerability needs to occur.

“But you seem so happy in all of your photos, how can you proclaim to not be at ease? Are you happy?”

Happy? No, well slightly. Joyful? In an abundant amount. Being happy: a short state of temporary contentment. Joy: a state which occurs regardless of circumstances. Around my house I’m surrounded by women who remind me of this constant state of joy and hold me accountable to my redemption in Christ. 

I know, I know this blog post seems all over the place and may not be what you were expecting. But if you know anything about me, I tend to be that way, haha (chuckles to herself as she writes line). More than anything I desired to write this tonight to encourage those of you girls (or guys) who don’t have a strong community of believers around you that you are being redeemed. My favorite scripture since this summer has been 3 versus in the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 43:10 “You are my witness (Insert your name here),” declares the Lord, and my servant ..(don’t miss out on this next part) whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no God was formed, nor will there be one after me.”

BROKEN DOWN IN CARMEN’S HEAD: The Lord declares this over you,”Of all people in the world, I have chosen you! My sweet servant, with who I am well pleased regardless of your works. Sweet Beth. Don’t you see I have chosen you to know me like no one else. Yes, Ray may have an incredible walk with me as her master, but be still and know I have chosen you to know me the way you do. I have chosen you so that you may feel my peace and connect with me in a way I have never revealed myself to anyone else, because Beth this is our sweet walk in life. I have chosen you to know me so that you, as my daughter, can reveal my majesty to Pam and Allie, who do not know me yet, but because you know me, you will reveal life to them they have not yet experienced. Before me, your life doesn’t matter. Before me there was no god. Yes, I understand you cry out to me saying,”don’t you see.. I have a past of filthy sin?” I smile at you, scoop you up in my arms, and desire for you to know that your life before me has been washed away with the righteous blood of my son. Oh, what redemption you must feel as you embraced me as your God. Sweet girl, sweet daughter of mine, you are growing and learning that your past doesn’t matter in light of my son. Hear me when I say thought you had a god over your life, until you encountered me. Now that you know me and I know you, let us be honest in our confessions that before me, there was no god. You had idols of your life, but they were broken down as you grew to know me. Dance and rejoice in knowing that there will never be another God after me, now that you are rejoicing and basking in the redemption I have set before you. Even on your hardest days, I choose you.”

How flipping incredible. Due to not wanting you to get bored with my writing, I’ll choose to save the other 2 scriptures out for my next entry.

I love you

God loves you

and remember, the ultimate redemption occurs in the blood of Christ.

Carmen Aranda