We have arrived safely and have settled in just fine. My heart has been overwhelmed already by poverty. No one can tell you how to prepare to see orphaned children, disabled infants, or even nanys who are doing the job of mothers and fathers for those 120 children who are orphaned. I’m incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be here, but as I’m here I can’t help but to continue asking why? Not in a bitter or abrasive way, but just why?

And then..tonight as my thoughts wandered off into the endless possibilities, I found myself attending a service with all of these orphaned children, who have been forgotten by the person who gave birth to them, but now have been rescued by the missionaries we are partnered with. As I sat in a service with children began singing songs of praise so loudly, my heart filled with joy and my eyes with tears. I know God is going to do something this week in my heart as we prepare to give out over 500 water filters, but I can’t help but to keep asking why I, of all people, have the opportunity to help. And then I simply remember Isaiahs heart and desire to go, and suddenly, I’m taken back by this desire to die to myself each moment and serve my brothers and sisters in Christ across the world. I’m sorry I don’t have much to say tonight, our team is just completely exhausted from lack of sleep. Keep updated to see how God uses us tomorrow and there will be a TON of pictures!





I know these photo’s aren’t much. But today I was too overwhelmed to take pictures.
Thank you all for your support and love!!


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