Just for one.

(Blog written late→↓ written about Tuesday.)

Wisconsin is amazingly wonderful in many ways! Yesterday our team went and toured around University of Wisconsin. It was beautiful! We got to meet the church plant we are working with this week. Red Village church is a church who’s trusted God enough to come to Madison, Wisconsin and spread the gospel. They are collegiate reaching & so passionate about the gospel. Aaron is the head pastor & the moment you meet him you’re taken back by the passion and confidence he has In Christ. I’ve loved having the opportunity to be here for just one day.
We headed to state street to evangelize and grab lunch. It was really awesome going to another city and seeing the different people groups in Wisconsin. Becca, Esther, and I grouped together to grab lunch. Food trucks, restaurants, and small stands overwhelmed us as we journeyed to find something good. Becca and Esther got Israeli food from a food truck & I, on the other hand, went out on a limb to get Thai food. It was all so good!
Shortly after lunch we walked around in different small groups and just started seeing what people thought about church and the gospel. I was so nervous. Walking up to people comes naturally for me. But when it comes to having to asked them if they know the truth about Christ,  its terrifying. But it shouldn’t be. I say that because Jesus went out told complete strangers He was the son of God. Then He went beyond that and died, for our sins. He sacrificed every moment of His life, for us. So, why should I be scared? It doesn’t make sense. So, be in prayer for more confidence in Christ on my behalf.
When we asked people about religious background we got many responses. Some from, “there is no God” to “I love Christ with all I am”. One of my teammates was told by a young girl that she was Satan’s whore and laughed at the idea of the gospel. I’m not shocked by this. But I am incredibly burdened For those who don’t know Christ it makes complete sense why. No one is telling them,  much less..living out a christ like life.

Last night we broke some bread together, to sound cliche. Becca, Keith, and I all cooked dinner for our team. Of course this gave my heart so much joy.

Its incredibly hard to blog about this trip. Hard because I’m not somewhere building something or doing a vbs. Literally each day is different. Maybe similar set up, but each day is different. Conversations are hard when you have your beliefs and who you’re talking to has complete disbelief. Conversations are hard when you feel intrusive. Most people don’t want to hear the gospel because people are yet to show them with their actions what the gospel is. People just like throwing faith around like candy on Halloween. If it’s easy and someone is looking for it, we freely offer it in abundance. However, if we have to make an effort to tell people about it..well we’d just rather not deal with it to be blunt.

Becca, Russ, and Matt all joined with me for a run at 6 A.M. although the guys left us, it was refreshing.

Shopping for our group!

Got to visit University of Wisconsin in all it’s glory.

Food truck vibes.

Beccas Israeli food!


Thai food!

My dear friend Becca

Today you get to meet Taylor! She attends North Georgia college. Although she is more introverted than some teammates, she is one of the most wise & on fire people I’ve encountered since college. Taylor is someone so set free from this idealistic mentality of having to always lead everything and be the center of every ministry just to be effective. I’m learning from her that sometimes when you’re quite, it says a lot more than any words ever could. Taylor is truly a woman of God & it’s evident by the way she lives her life. When I’ve approached her, about anything, she’s filled with discernment and pur wisdom. I’m encouraged by her faith.
Dinner with friends!


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