Since we had a storm last night,  I decided to blog twice today, in one time.yesterday we headed to Villa de Carmen, I was incredibly expectant that this village would be exactly like the village we are already connected with here. As soon as we walked in, I connected with a little boy names Keller,  he was drawing. So we went back and forth teaching each other how to draw certain things. I loved this connection. However, I felt it was the only connection I was making. I got discouraged to the max & honestly felt as if I was wasting my time. I desired to be with my other community and was completely shut off to what was going on. In that same moment of feeling discouraged God spoke so clearly..and this is what I heard..”Carmen,  you are turned away from this community and you haven’t given them a chance. Don’t you see the reflection of home here? They may have what they need and want, but they are yet to know my love. You shut people away from me, but you’re not the one who decides who gets the hear the gospel.  You are to do what you have been called to and live out the gospel. Don’t get caught up in any of Satan’s lies, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” My heart was incredibly filled with His presence in that moment. And I can’t recall ever hearing Him so clearly in my life. So my question is this, who are you? And who is God? Who is God in you? And who do you restrict God being in you? We are all called to many things in our life, regardless if you’re a parent, business man, preacher, singer, athlete, etc. But one thing we are never called to is restricting the gospel. Matthew 28:19 says, “go and make disciples of ALL the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit.” The great commission isn’t about going to some nations, but going to all.


This is in villa de Carmen. Oh, and our other teammates finally got here two nights ago! A huge welcome to Daniel,  Chaz, Cam, Jennifer, Tammy, Angie, Olivia, Molly, Dezire, and Rachel.


Dont want to make that village sound like it was horrible. God definitely showed himself.  This is Lisa allowing kids to recite the gospel bracelet to adults in the community.




Daniel and Sean break dancing.


Later that night we spent time in community with one another. Hammocking, Swimming, Chatting,  etc.



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