Just a few words before I blow this thing up!



Yes! I will be blogging each day on our trip and do my very best to post pictures. I will also have a video blog or two. There will be much to say about this years trip! I thank everyone in advance.



Some encouragement?

Follow your passion, and stop getting so caught up in everyone’s opinion. Cliche, but true. We get so caught up in society and family and friends, and what everyone’s expectations are of us that we fear what we love the most..because it’s not “logical” or “practical”. But if you’re not reaching your full potential because you’re doing something you could care less about, then seriously consider changing things up. So whether you want to be a doctor, teacher, professional football player, shoe maker, missionary, rafting guide, zoo keeper, or simply a foster parent, do what you love, and stop wasting time. 




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