What has college taught me?

To commit. To work hard. To be bold in my faith. To push through the moments I thought I couldn’t. To uncover who God is, for me. How to stay up late and wake up early. Strang study habits. To meet new people. To ask questions. To love, to spread, to introduce who Christ is, for me. To let me actions speak louder than my words. To be content with who I am. To try something new. To rock climb. To cook, even if it turns out awful. To fall in and out of love. To start dreaming. To be inspired and inspire. To clean my room, just because. To sew more. To create more. To call loved ones more. To live a little, more.


I’m apologizing for lack of commitment to this blog. My hopes are that through out this summer and fall I can blog more frequently, keeping updates on how things are going for me. Even if it is only for myself to reflect on months lated. Blogs will now be specific in stories, shorter in length, depth felt in emotion, and engaging with life change.

To those of you who are going through a season of loneliness, don’t lose hope. Because hope is here. Hopes name is Jesus. Hope is walking through this with you. You are loved, you are cherished, you are beautiful, handsome, you are everything you were created to be. And someone is going to appreciate you one day, someone appreciates you today. Push through this season of loneliness, I promise you, it’s so worth it. I commit to posting once a week. Even if it’s short. So, here’s to commitment and encouragement. Love you all so much, thank you for making my frist year of college and adulthood absolutely wonderful.




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